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We're more than just a supplies provider...

We are a company of dreamers — of thinkers, movers, shakers, and believers. We understand that we're not just a supplies vendor, we're helping people build businesses. To you, these are more than supplies. They're thoughful touches put together to let your customers know you care about the products inside the packaging. And we're incredibly proud to know that, with every order will fill, we are helping a business thrive.

When we started out we were just two guys who ran a couple of eCommerce stores. We shipped a lot of products and used large quantities of shipping and packaging supplies. What we found was that we always seemed to run up against the same issues with shipping suppliers. Either they sold us inferior products for cheap or they offered branded supplies at unreasonably high prices. Additionally, most suppliers have minimum purchase requirements, which means that you have to spend more money just to make a purchase. And on top of it all, they charged for shipping!

So, we started Supply Masters with the goal of providing customers quality shipping supplies at low prices, and all with both fast and free shipping.

Simply put, we understand the daily grind that businesses and shippers go through because we’ve been there, and we know how important it is to have quality supplies that you can trust when you need them. You have enough on your plate, let us handle the shipping supplies.

Think of us as your personal business management consultants...

We offer free consultations to anyone seeking to create packaging solutions for products they sell or are trying to produce. We help businesses lower thier cost and come in at a lower price in order to compete in today's ever changing retail market. Contact us and one of our friendly representatives will be glad to help!


Leave all your worries behind. With Supply Masters you’ll feel confident that whatever you buy through us - whether it’s bubble wrap, mailers or packing tape - it is of excellent quality and value. All our products are carefully manufactured and tested by our team of shipping experts. If it doesn’t meet our standards and we wouldn’t use it ourselves, then you won’t find it here at Supply Masters.

Fast and Free Shipping

Unlike many other suppliers, we offer both fast and free shipping. When you place an order, we ship the same day because we know that time is of the essence when it comes to your business needs. Plus, with free shipping you can rest assure that you are not only getting your shipping needs met quickly, but you don’t have to pay extra to do so. We here at Supply Masters believe that you shouldn’t have to pay more because you do good business.

Why Choose Us?

At the end of the day, we’re here to help you and your business, and we take that very seriously. Because when your business succeeds, we’ve done our job. Whether you’re a small business owner in search of the lowest prices or a big company looking to purchase quality products in large quantities, Supply Masters has you covered.

We know that there are many places you can shop for shipping supplies, but we are confident that we are the best out there. If you’re looking for quality shipping supplies at guaranteed low prices, and fast and free shipping, there’s only one choice, Supply Masters.