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12" x 11.5" Bubble Pouches
12" x 11.5" Bubble Pouches
Regular price $ 58.95 /Price Per Case In stock

Our Bubble Pouches are made with a 3/16" air bubble height to give your product maximum cushion and protection. They are great for packaging a wide variety of items such as electronics, glass, ceramic, coins and precious memorabilia. 

Product Features

  • Good Clarity - Product remains highly recognizable when packaged
  • Excellent Air Retention - Bubbles provide optimal cushioning for your items during shipment
  • High Slip Lining - Easier product insertion and extraction means more efficient packing
  • Easy Self-Seal Adhesive Strip - Reduces labor cost and increases productivity 

Additional Information

Material Low density polyethylene 
Dimensions 12 in. x 11 1/2 in.
Color Clear